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Authentic Shilajit™ (10g) Genuine Himalayan Shilajit

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We offer the only genuine, Gold Grade Himalayan Shilajit in its 100% pure and most potent form – a black gummy mineral resin. Our Founder, Johann Helf, personally sources, selects and imports the fulvic acid-rich mineral resin from a remote, high altitude region of the Himalayan mountains along the Tibetan border with India. 

  • 10g genuine Gold Grade Himalayan Shilajit per container
  • Naturally purified with filtered spring water before being laboratory tested for safety. See our latest lab tests here.
  • Contains a wide spectrum of micro minerals and trace elements and naturally occurring Fulvic Acid, which facilitates absorption of these minerals at the cellular level. 
  • We package our Shilajit in a CGMP Certified and FDA Registered facility. Your product will arrive in a sealed, food grade, BPA Free, non-reactive container.
  • Supports metabolism, immunity, reproductive health, muscle recovery, energy and nutrient absorption.* 


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Start with a rice grain-sized portion (approximately 100mg) 1-3 times a day for general well  being. This amount may be gradually increased to a pea sized-portion for greater potency and effect. Use the included stainless steel spoon to remove desired portion of Shilajit from container.

Dissolve a portion in hot, non-chlorinated water or other warm beverage and drink. May also be swallowed or dissolved under the tongue, but be warned it has a strong bitter flavor that some will find unpalatable.

In Ayurveda it is recommended that Shilajit be taken with hot milk, ghee (clarified butter) or honey. Vegans may take it with sesame oil or coconut oil. For Vatta imbalance sesame oil is recommended, for Pitta use ghee, and for Kapha take with honey.

Taking Shilajit with other herbs

According to Ayurveda, Shilajit possesses a property called "Yogavahi" which means that it enhances the properties of other herbs. It acts as a catalytic agent for increasing the absorption and efficacy of other tonic agents. 

Therefore, you can also combine Shilajit with other herbal remedies, such as our Authentic Chyawanprash™ to increase their effect. A popular combination in India is to combine Shilajit with Ashwaganda (Indian Ginseng) for supporting the reproductive system in Men. Women will often combine with Shatavari for the same purpose.

100% Pure Himalayan Shilajit

The source, purification method, grade and form of Shilajit are all very important factors to ensure safety and authenticity. Real Shilajit is a legendary and very expensive commodity in India, and as a result the market is full of low grade imitations and even genuine Shilajit is often cut and contaminated with fillers. There is a very real concern about heavy metal contamination of Shilajit products.

Many of the dry powder forms of Shilajit have tested for high levels of heavy metal contamination. We have been warning people about these “Shilajit” powders for years on our website. Many of these powders were banned in Canada (Health Canada Report). In truth, most of these powders are not even made out of real Shilajit but instead produced from solvent extracted soil mixed with the same fulvic acid used in fertilizer.

Our genuine and Authentic Shilajit is a natural resin that is plant based and not made from rocks and dirt. It is found veined within rocks but is carefully purified so that no sediment or rock remains. We follow the traditional Tibetan form of purification which uses only pure, clean spring water, the sun, and in the final process, heating to ensure all possible microbes are removed. This purification process yields an ultra pure Shilajit resin that is safe and free from contaminants.

Our Tests

We test each and every batch of Shilajit at an American, FDA registered, cGMP certified, independent, third party laboratory here in California. Our specifications for testing are California Prop 65 standards which are the most rigid and strict regulations in the world for naturally occurring heavy metals. In fact, California Prop 65 limits are so tough that fruits, vegetables and drinking water were made exempt from testing because they cannot possibly pass.

For example, Spinach contains approximately 5 micrograms (mcg) of lead in an average serving which is about 10 times the levels allowed by Prop 65. Green beans, on average, contain approximately 28 mcg of lead in a 1 cup serving, which is about 50 times the levels allowed by Prop 65.

The FDA’s publication Total Diet Study Statistics on Element Results (December 11, 2007), which analyzes 200 foods found in grocery stores four times per year, showed the following examples of lead content at 4 oz serving sizes: Mixed nuts 10.2 mcg, Brussel Sprouts 7.9 mcg, Sweet Potato 7.2 mcg, Avocado 4.5 mcg, Cucumber 3.4 mcg, Granola 3.0 mcg.

The FDA limit for lead exposure of non-child-bearing adults is 75 micrograms per day.

In our most recent tests, our Shilajit showed minute trace levels of 0.089 micrograms of lead per 500mg serving. Our recommended serving size is 100mg to 300mg.

CLICK HERE for the most recent tests of our current batch. The “specifications” are California Prop 65 limits and the “results” are our Shilajit. Our results are far below the limits set forth by California Prop 65.

For a copy of our microbiological tests CLICK HERE.

These levels are not only safe, they are far below the levels in many of the vegetables you eat on a daily basis.

Our customers can rest assured that our shilajit is very safe, pure and effective.

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Jeffrey Rieger
Trusted product

A friend of mine suggested that I try Lotus Blooming Herbs years ago and I loved it. I recently tried to get cheap and order some highly reviewed shilajit on Amazon. Bad idea. I knew it wasn't authentic when I got it. Comparing the two - they're completely different in texture, taste and effect. I'll be sticking with with Lotus Blooming Herbs from now on!

Quality product.

After much research on both the product and company. I can say with honesty, this is a very good product.

High quality and authentic. Best available.

Best available shilajit available.


Was good gave me energy but thats all i noticed

Great products

I love all products. I can feel a big difference in energy from the herbal jam. I'm really glad that I found a authentic shilajit. I feel comfortable knowing it's the real deal and highest grade. I would definitely recommend, and I'll be purchasing in the future thank you.