My Discovery of Pure Shilajit

I first discovered Shilajit in 2000 while studying meditation and Tibetan Medicine in India. A Yogi, living in the mountains of Himachal Pradesh, gave me a sample of Himalayan Shilajit. He expounded on the wonders of this strange, black, gooey substance. He credited his youthful vitality to his consumption of Shilajit . Upon first taste, I experienced an immediate and profound rush of energy and mental clarity. I felt strong, focused, and clear and at once became obsessed with this magical “blood of the mountains”!

I asked about purchasing it and was informed of the difficulty in obtaining authentic and pure Shilajit. Because of its rarity and legendary power, Himalayan Shilajit is highly prized and sought after in India. Therefore, many unscrupulous business people sell diluted and sometimes entirely fake substances claiming these products to be Shilajit. Many companies use solvent extraction of common soil to draw out certain components that have been found in Shilajit (fulvic acid and minerals) and they then sell the resulting standardized extract powder as Shilajit. 

Genuine Shilajit takes millions of years and perfect conditions to produce. It is found trapped within rocky cliffs at very high altitudes and in remote regions of the Himalayas. There are four different grades and the most prized, Gold Grade, is virtually unavailable, even in India.

I spent years studying with Ayurvedic and Tibetan doctors and trekking to the most distant corners of the Himalayas in search of this rare and precious substance. After sampling many different grades and learning everything I could about this mystical resin, I met a family who had been collecting and purifying Gold Grade Shilajit for more than 500 years. We have been working in partnership with this family for almost a decade and the quality and potency of our Authentic Shilajit is unmatched anywhere.

Lotus Blooming Herbs is Born

As a practitioner of Ayurveda, I have long been interested in the many amazing herbs of this ancient health practice. After discovering Shilajit, I knew that I had to find the real thing. My search for a source of authentic and naturally purified Shilajit took a decade. In my travels throughout some of the highest altitudes and most remote mountain villages on earth, I literally risked my life to obtain this precious gift of nature. I can honestly say that the risks have been worth it. The result of my obsessive search for this remarkable substance is a legitimate source that produces pure, unadulterated, and authentic Shilajit. My own use of it as well as our customers’ reviews are evidence that our shilajit retains all of the energetic power of the Himalayas.

I created Lotus Blooming Herbs™ to provide Authentic Shilajit™. Since that time, we have continued to search the world for herbs and formulas of unparalleled efficacy and integrity. I have partnered with renowned Ayurvedic doctors to create effective, genuine formulas and products using only the highest quality, ethically sourced and exceptional gifts from Mother Nature.

Our obsession with authenticity, ancestral wisdom, and phenomenal ingredients can be experienced in every product we offer. It is our sincere wish that our efforts will foster happiness and health in all who use them.

May all beings be happy, healthy and free!

Johann Helf

Founder, Lotus Blooming Herbs™