Authentic Shilajit™

We personally source our Shilajit from a remote Himalayan region of India near the Tibetan border from a high mountain valley that is considered sacred by the indigenous people who live there. Our source is a result of many years of diligent searching as well as years of cultivating trust with the locals. The family we have partnered with are experts in both collection and purification. They have been hand collecting raw shilajit from this region for centuries and have learned, through ancestral knowledge passed down to each generation, how to identify original gold grade shilajit. Our personal relationships with the local people allows us to make sure that they are paid fairly and that their environment is not disrespected. 

In Himalayan region of India

Due to the high altitude and short harvesting period, the Shilajit from our source is extremely rare. The raw Shilajit originates at altitudes between 16,000 and 18,000 feet. The environment is pristine and free from pollutants, fertilizers and chemicals. During the summer months, the temperature of the mountains gets warm enough to allow the Himalayan Shilajit to become more gooey and viscous. It can be seen glistening between the cracks in the layers of rock and this is when the local people of the area carefully collect the precious substance by hand.

Shilajit from our source is extremely rare

Pure Himalayan Shilajit from this particular region and altitude is highly prized by Ayurvedic specialists and is considered to possess the greatest healing power.

After collection, our Shilajit is purified with filtered spring water, and laboratory tested for safety. See our “Safety and Purity” section for links to our most recent lab tests.

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Authentic Chyawanprash™

Our Authentic Chyawanprash is formulated using a combination of Ethically Wildcrafted, Certified Organic and Pesticide Free herbs, botanicals and dietary ingredients. We do our best to source wildcrafted ingredients whenever possible, because we believe that herbs harvested in their natural environment retain their true wisdom, potency and efficacy. All other ingredients are from organic farms that practice fair trade.

Authentic Chyawanprash is Certified Organic and Pesticide Free herbs

We go to great lengths to make sure each and every ingredient is of the highest quality and most potent available. Instead of relying on wholesalers, we spent 3 years meeting with single origin farmers and cultivators to ensure our Chyawanprash is most powerful and effective on the market. 

Some examples of our obsession with quality ingredients is our Himachali honey which is wildcrafted and never cooked, our ghee which is from free range, grass fed Gir cows who are worshiped and never separated from their calves, and our Kashmiri saffron which is known to be the highest quality on earth. 

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